“Corporates in Social Business” – Grameen Social Business Day

I was honoured to present at Grameen’s Social Business Day in Bangalore on “Corporates in Social Business”. This was an amazing gathering of over 1000 people from 40 countries. We launched our innovative Women and Girls Fund alongside one of our trusted partners Grameen Bank founder and Nobel Prize Laureate, Professor Muhammad Yunus who has changed the lives of millions of people around the world through innovative social business practices. We are also excited to partner with FHI Foundation, UN and the Malala Fund.  When I started on this journey of self-discovery many years ago, the book that made me think differently was Professor Yunus’ books of  “Social Business” and “Banker to the Poor”. I was able to test my thesis and theories at the University of Oxford with an amazing cohort of talented people and a wonderful mentor in Prof Lalit Johri MSc MBA Ph.D who has been a constant source of inspiration alongside Amin Rajan. Professor Yunus has a long and distinguished history of building and backing disruptive business models. I look forward to continuing our work of using investment capital for social good through the Impact Investing strategies we are launching over the coming months…

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We’re in the Top 10 Investment Stories of 2016

Global Impact Initiative ends its first year of business being listed at number 9 in the “Top 10 Investment Stories of 2016(PDF).

Thanks to Financial Standard for the great write up and to my family, friends and colleagues for the positive words of encouragement and support.

Here’s to a great 2017 of impactful investing!

First Published: Online – Financial Standard | Thursday 22 December 2016

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