In a Massive Sustainable Investment Market, Energy Efficiency Offers Huge Returns

One in every five dollars invested professionally in the US is now invested sustainably. And while investment in projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions are rising globally, the market for energy efficiency remains under-satisfied compared to its potential and the market for renewable energy investment. Here’s why.

Read the full article featuring Giles Gunesekera via The Energy Collective 
by David Thorpe

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An inspirational end to an amazing week in the US and the Cayman Islands

It was an inspirational end to an amazing week in the US and the Cayman Islands. A man who does it all…. Will Smith – Actor, Musician, Film Producer, Businessman, Investor and Philanthropist. He spoke candidly about his failures, successes, family and his dreams. He did so with authenticity, enthusiasm, humility and humour. A true superstar! The week started at a UN-organised event where I was invited to be part of an Innovations in Finance Working Group which is looking at large scale, financial innovations to solve the UN SDGs.  The second half of the week saw me presenting at the Cayman Alternative Investment Summit on the spectacular Grand Cayman Island. I was truly honoured to be on a panel talking about creating an Impact with Michael Hastings, Dipender Saluja and Kwami Williams – brilliant men with big hearts who are making a difference. Well done to KPMG in the Cayman Islands, DART, Amin Rajan and Anthony Cowell who did a phenomenal job of orchestrating a diverse program. It was great hearing and talking to CEO’s, CIO’s, Portfolio Managers, Navy Seal’s, Nascar Driver’s, Professors, Lord’s and of course Will Smith. Cayman Alternative Investment Summit#CAIS2018 #WillSmith @UN @UNSIF

UN Innovations in Finance Workgroup & Cayman Alternative Investment Summit
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Princesses, Presidents and Ex-Prime Ministers

It was exciting to end UN General Assembly (UNGA) week in New York as a panellist on the SDG Impact Finance group at UNHQ talking about how we can accelerate the pipeline for impact investing.  We discussed blended finance models and using capital markets more efficiently to mobilise the SDGs.

The UN Social Impact fund (UNSIF) has been a positive force for engaging the ecosystem to work together and we look forward to continuing our great relationship. The most positive aspect of the week has been seeing diversity in action – by gender, age, geography, culture, sector and religion all united by a desire to do good.

At GII, we believe that investment capital can and should be used to mobilise the SDGs and this week further showed that there is the desire, willingness and more importantly action. I look forward to continuing our work with friends at the UN, Government, NGOs, Social Enterprises, Family Offices, Foundations, Pension Plans and Corporates to continue to create bespoke impact investing strategies that solve social problems now.

I’m excited about the possibilities that lie ahead when people take the time to listen and understand each other.

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We’re in the Top 10 Investment Stories of 2016

Global Impact Initiative ends its first year of business being listed at number 9 in the “Top 10 Investment Stories of 2016(PDF).

Thanks to Financial Standard for the great write up and to my family, friends and colleagues for the positive words of encouragement and support.

Here’s to a great 2017 of impactful investing!

First Published: Online – Financial Standard | Thursday 22 December 2016

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